Founded in Miami, USA, with offices in the UK, Germany and Portugal, Brands Lab International is strategically located to effectively manage its diverse domestic and international portfolio of clients and partners.

Its long-term relationships and cutting-edge consolidation of services uniquely position it to provide unprecedented and unparalleled execution. BLI’s success is rooted in its partnership approach and extensive experience as a pioneer of the licensing industry and trailblazer for new development opportunities.

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Miami, USA

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Christian Sundermann


Mr. Sundermann has always been in the banking and financing world. Even before graduating from the University of Munster with a Masters Degree he completed an apprenticeship as a banker. He worked for five years as a project manager for IPOs at WestLB in Dusseldorf and took over a position as part of the Management Board.

He also headed the Corporate Finance division of the listed company EM.TV.AG during the acquisition of Formula 1 and the Jim Henson Company.

Since 2001 he is working as an independent consultant for capital market and financial topics.

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Ferdinand von Auersperg


With a master degree in International Marketing Ferdinand Von Auersperg began his career in the Music Industry, where he held positions as Managing Director for a publishing company and was Partner at a UK and German based Label. After, he was a founding Partner and CEO of a Management company based in Berlin and has managed several worldwide releases from Major Artists throughout his 8 years of experience.

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Jeanine Esquenazi

Business Alliances & Project Manager

With a Ph.D. in Genetics, preliminary studies in Architecture and with a vast experience in Interior Design and Business development Mrs. Esquenazi has been in the company from the very initial stages following up the projects, cooperation and developments.

Her strengths are brand cooperation specializing in the furniture, finishes and decorative area and creating liaisons with developers and brand owners.

Passionate for design, architecture, literature, traveling and exploring and extreme sports she is fluent in four languages.

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Daniela Fuchs

Brand Cooperations & Project Manager

With a degree in Economics and Marketing from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, she has been in interesting positions inside a brand agency for premium brands, getting involved in specific campaigns and releases.

A key player inside the Daimler AG Group starting in 2005 and for over 14 years in the department of Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH (Licensing Department) for the brands Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Style and Mercedes-Maybach. She has covered important aspects of the development of new alliances, licensing with other innovative premium brands.

Expertise in the licensing business, style guidelines, brand cooperation, project and product development, new business and development monitoring.

Princess Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg’s Image

Princess Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Brand Strategist

She has served as Brand ambassador for some of the most iconic luxury Brands in the world mainly. In her portfolio are Brands from the LVMH group, Bulgari, Mercedes Benz / AMG in the development for Brand experiences linked to events with affluential customers, Jimmy Choo, Aquazzurra, Jaguar/Land-Rover, and more. She has collaborated with Reviderm at a level of B2B communications and events, served as a member of the board for the Green pioneering summit, Co-Design and merchandising for the Italian design office of MEXX, Holland, and Fashion Brand Lambros Milona.

She has been also a presenter and co-presenter on TV shows with Reinhold Beckman who is the most popular TV host in Germany. Engaged as a journalist for DEWZ Hameln, she has made Reportages about the children in Bulgaria, Trilogy on Helicopters and illegal immigrants, German- Polish border etc.

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Alexander von Loebell

South American Division

Born in Germany but residing in Colombia for over 20 years Mr. Von Loebell started his career in the licensing business 30 years ago. He has a vast background in the identification of business opportunities, creation of companies, design of marketing processes and integral management.

Experienced in identifying, connecting and promoting high-level partnerships between public and private, national and international investors and suppliers for the launch of industrial and commercial businesses.

Demonstrated expertise in coordinating groups of suppliers and supporting their commercial, productive and managerial development.

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Philip Zylla

Account Manager

He holds a Bachelor´s degree in Marketing, and started his career in the licensing business at EM.TV in Munich where he was responsible for the global merchandising business of brands such as Sesame Street and The Muppet Show amongst others.

He has always been a strong Brand Builder in various leading Sales & Marketing positions for international companies in the media (EUR, NZ, US), real estate (Portugal) and mergers & acquisitions (Germany/Iberia) industry.

Philip´s focus and strength is clearly on long term business relationships and business development. He has been building a strong and successful global network of professionals and partners for over twenty years.

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