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We’re a real estate branding firm based in Miami, London, Munich and Lisbon, working with local and international signature brands. We are the bridge between brands and developers aiming to route the brands to create, grow and implement their real estate positioning.

The Brands Lab International team comprises over 150 years of combined experience in the licensing and real estate business. With this experience, BLI is uniquely positioned to communicate the right brand values and persona through efficient, connected and sustainable real estate experiences.

Beyond a branding company, Brands Lab International is a brand insider whose brands DNA is dynamically transmitted to developers.

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A selection of our worldwide projects.

WE ARE GUIDING brands and developers globally to successfully brand their real estate projects.

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  • USA

    Miami, Austin, New York


    Lisbon, Cascais, Porto, Algarve






    Madrid, Marbella, Sotogrande

  • UAE



    Mexico D.F.

Building win-win-win liaisons

We assist brands and developers build a narrative which resonates with their brand and meets the needs of the developer while creating exciting experiences for real estate buyers.

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  1. 1
    Identification of outstanding, prime and unique locations / analysis of applicable brands based on local demand, style and identity
  2. 2
    Negotiations of all contracts between licensor and licensee
  3. 3
    Provision of project management services
  4. 4
    Project development services
  5. 5
    Marketing / PR strategy planning
  6. 6
    Accounting and financial controlling services

August 2020

BEN SHERMAN announces global venture into branded property developments in collaboration with Brands Lab International

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There are over 450 Branded Residential projects worldwide and they have achieved a minimum of 28% increase in sales price and faster sales speed (Savills report for Brands ID Capital)

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To create unique lifestyle concepts

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February, 2022

The company with the longest trajectory in the licensing / real estate market

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